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Optimal design of the Integrated Modular Power Electronics Cabinet

Authors: X. Giraud, M. Budinger, X. Roboam, H. Piquet, M. Sartor and J. Faucher
Year: janvier 2016
Journal: Aerospace Science and Technology.
Volume: 48, Pages: 37-52

DOI: doi:10.1016/j.ast.2015.10.013
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This paper deals with a new concept of electrical power distribution system called IMPEC for Integrated Modular Power Electronics Cabinet. The paper defines methods aiming at carrying out an optimal design of IMPEC, the main variables being on one hand the number and size of power electronics module. On the other hand, reconfigurations between these modules and electrical loads are also optimized.The formalization of the problem highlights that designers must deal simultaneously with a combinatorial explosion and a multi-physical system sizing. The main objective of the study is to propose a methodological framework for solving this original optimal design problem. A euristic-based algorithm is developed to solve this combinatorial optimization problem. A particular attention is paid to develop a weight estimation procedure using generic sizing models. Finally a mapping is performed to identify the best solutions and to highlight the technological components having the most significant sensitivity on the complete system weight.

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