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Thermal models of components for preliminary design of more electrical aircraft systems

Authors: F. Sanchez, M. Budinger and I. Hazyuk
Year: février 2015
Conference : More Electrical Aircraft. Poster.

The more electric aircraft shows a trend of the use of electrical power onboard of embedded systems. However, this technology also keeps its flaws - the high thermal constraints, which were not present in the hydraulic technology. This change requires the integration of these new constraints in the preliminary design of the system. Today, for the thermal simulation we have a wide range of tools, based on finite elements/volumes method. However, they require a defined geometry, which makes them unsuitable for the preliminary design and sizing. This paper presents a new form of metamodel called Scaling-Law-based-metamodels (SLAWMM), and its associated construction adapted to the preliminary design of more electrical aircraft systems (actuators, power electronics). The proposed meta-modeling method uses scaling laws to provide compact design models out of local numerical simulations. Compared to the traditional metamodels (polynomial response surfaces, kriging or radial basis function), the scaling-law-based metamodels have the advantage of a light, compact form and good predictive accuracy across a wide variation range of the design variables.

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