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Hypervelocity impacts on thin brittle targets: Experimental data and SPH simulations

Authors: Y. Michel, J.-M. Chevalier, C. Durin, C. Espinosa, F. Malaise and J.-J. Barrau
Year: décembre 2006
Journal: International Journal of Impact Engineering.
Volume: 33, Number: 1-12, Pages: 441-451

DOI: 10.1016/j.ijimpeng.2006.09.081

The meteoroids and debris environment play an important role in the reduction of spacecraft lifetime. Ejecta or secondary debris, are produced when a debris or a meteoroid impact a spacecraft surface. Brittle materials are particularly sensitive to HVI in term of damages and amount of ejected matter: the ejected fragments total mass is in the order of 100 times bigger than the impacting mass. The French atomic energy commission (CEA) faces the same problem in the Laser MégaJoule project. The lasers optics will be bombarded by hypervelocity debris and shrapnel resulting from target disassembly. Two millimeter thick fused silica disposable debris shields (DDS) located in front of the main debris shields might be used to reduce very small shrapnel cratering on the main debris shields. The aim of this paper is to study the damaging and ejection processes that occur during HVI on thin brittle targets. A two-stage light-gas gun has been used to impact 2 mm DDS with 500 μm steel projectiles. Experimental characterization of ejected matter has also been performed: lightweight paperboards coated with adhesive have been used to collect ejected fragments including spalls. Numerical simulation using the smooth particle hydrodynamics (SPH) method of LS-DYNA and the Johnson Holmquist material model were performed. The results of these calculations are compared to experimental data which include the damage features in the targets (spalled zones and perforation hole) and the ejection clouds. Satisfying agreement between numerical and experimental simulations was obtained for damage characteristics and ejection phenomena.

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