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Experimental results of medium velocity impact tests for reinforced foam core braided composite structures

Authors: O. Dorival, P. Navarro, S. Marguet, C. Petiot, M. Bermudez, D. Mesnagé and J.-F. Ferrero
Year: janvier 2018
Journal: Journal of Sandwich Structures and Materials.
Volume: 20, Number: 1, Pages: 106-129

DOI: 10.1177/1099636216650990

Absorbing impact energy at sub-system level is an attractive idea that is emphasized by new composite reinforcement techniques such as stitching or pinning. This paper reports experimental results of medium velocity impact tests carried out on several arrangements of reinforced foam/braided composite structures. The tests consist in a steel ball shot at velocity of 110 m/s by a gas gun impacting the structures on their leading edge. Post-mortem tomography analysis delivers very rich informations that bring a clear light on the damage mechanisms that the composite structures undergo. In addition, two fast-speed cameras were used to derive the energy absorption during the impact. Absorption capabilities were also compared with that of crushing tests (reported in a companion paper) and some designs clearly exhibit a promising behavior as shock absorbers.

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