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Sensitivity Comparison of Planar Parallel Manipulators

Authors: N. Binaud, S. Caro and P. Wenger
Year: 2010
Journal: Mechanism and Machine Theory.
Volume: 45, Pages: 1477-1490

DOI: 10.1016/j.mechmachtheory.2010.07.004
HAL-CNRS: hal-00833527
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This paper deals with the sensitivity and dexterity comparison of 3-RRR planar parallel manipulators. First, the sensitivity coefficients of the pose of the moving platform of the manipulator to variations in its geometric parameters and actuated variables are derived and expressed algebraically. Moreover, two global sensitivity indices are determined, one related to the orientation of the moving platform of the manipulator and another one related to its position. The dexterity of the manipulator is also studied by means of the conditioning number of its normalized kinematic Jacobian matrix. Finally, the sensitivity of a 3-RRR PPM is analyzed in detail to compare the sensitivity of its best working mode to its dexterity.

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