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Sensitivity Analysis of Planar Parallel Manipulators

Authors: S. Caro, N. Binaud and P. Wenger
Year: 2008
Proceedings de : 32nd Annual Mechanisms and Robotics Conference, NY, USA.
ISBN : 978-0-7918-4326-0
Pages 637-645

DOI: 10.1115/DETC2008-49534
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This paper deals with the sensitivity analysis of planar parallel manipulators. A methodology is introduced to derive the sensitivity coefficients by means of the study of 3-RPR manipulators. As a matter of fact, the sensitivity coefficients of the pose of its moving platform to variations in the geometric parameters are expressed algebraically, the variations being defined both in Polar and Cartesian coordinates. The dexterity of the manipulator is also studied by means of the conditioning number of its normalized kinematic Jacobian matrix. As an illustrative example, the sensitivity of a symmetrical planar parallel manipulator is analyzed in detail. Finally, the accuracy of the manipulator is compared with its dexterity.

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