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Sensibilité des manipulateurs parallèles aux variations des paramètres géométriques et aux jeux

Authors: N. Binaud
Year: 2010
Thèse de doctorat de Ecole Centrale de Nantes

Abstract :
This thesis deals with the sensitivity analysis of manipulators. Its main contributions lie in the determination of sensitivity indices to variations in geometric parameters, the formulation of a method to determine the pose error of their moving platform due to joint clearances and their assembly conditions with regard to geometrical errors and joint clearances. The report is thus divided into five chapters. The first chapter is devoted to a listing of general properties of studied manipulators, to a state of the art of preliminary and robust design, and to a state of the art of the accuracy and sensitivity of manipulators. The second chapter deals with a comprehensive analysis of the sensitivity of the planar parallel manipulator 3-RPR. The third chapter presents a methodology for comparing the sensitivity of planar parallel manipulators based on global sensitivity indices. Moreover, this methodology is illustrated with several case studies, including comparisons of several 3-RPR manipulators, the comparison of their actuating modes, and the comparison of 3-RPR, 3-RRR and 3-PRR manipulators. The fourth chapter describes a method to determine the posing errors due to joint clearances and evaluates the accuracy and sensitivity of different manipulators such as the 3-R serial manipulator, the 5-bar manipulator, the 3-PPR planar parallel manipulator, the Orthoglide 3-axes and the 3-UPU manipulator. Finally, the fifth chapter describes a study of the assembling conditions of overconstrained manipulators with regard to variations of their geometric parameters and joint clearances.

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