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Modeling of Nonstructural Components in the Dynamic Behavior of Aeronautical Structures

Authors: J. Loukota, J.-C. Passieux, A. Lucchetti and G. Michon
Year: janvier 2017
Journal: Journal of Aircraft.
Volume: 54, Number: 1, Pages: 85-93

DOI: 10.2514/1.C033777
HAL-CNRS: hal-01577938
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This paper deals with the modeling of the dynamics of nonstructural components in aeronautical structures. It is shown how the overall response in the low to midfrequency is governed by a transfer of energy between the load- carrying structure and the nonstructural components. The effect of these elements can be reproduced by using averaged point transfer functions. A numerical model defined in the frequency domain, capable of depicting such transmission and compatible with standard industrial finite element model, is presented together with an experimental validation.

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