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Novel erbia-yttria co-doped zirconia fluorescent thermal history sensor

Authors: E. Copin, X. Massol, S. Amiel, T. Sentenac, Y. Le Maoult and P. Lours
Year: janvier 2017
Journal: Smart Materials and Structures.
Volume: 26, Number: 01,

DOI: doi:10.1088/0964-1726/26/1/015001
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Thermochromic pigments are commonly used for off-line temperature mapping on components from systems operating at a temperature higher than 1073 K. However, their temperature resolution is often limited by the discrete number of color transitions they offer. This paper investigates the potential of erbia-yttria co-doped zirconia as a florescent thermal history sensor alternative to thermochromic pigments. Samples of yttria-stabilized zirconia powder (YSZ, 8.3 mol% YO1.5) doped with 1.5 mol% ErO1.5 and synthesized by a sol-gel route are calcined for 15 minutes under isothermal conditions between 1173 and 1423 K. The effects of temperature on their crystal structure and room temperature fluorescence properties are then studied. Results show a steady increase of the crystallinity of the powders with temperature, causing a significant and permanent increase of the emission intensity and fluorescence lifetime which could be used to determine temperature with a calculated theoretical resolution lower than 1 K for intensity. The intensity ratio obtained using a temperature insensitive YSZ:Eu3+ reference phosphor is proposed as a more robust parameter regarding experimental conditions for determining thermal history. Finally, the possibilities for integrating this fluorescent marker into sol-gel deposited coatings for future practical thermal history sensing applications is also discussed.

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