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Impact of the abrasive water jet milling process on the damage and surface characteristics of CFRP composite.

Authors: A. Hajjaji, R. Zitoune, L. Crouzeix, F. Collombet and S. Le Roux
Year: juin 2016
Proceedings de : 17th european conference on composites materials. Munich.

Milling by Abrasive Water Jet (AWJ) process is a novel field recently introduced, potentially be used for repairing composite structures.It is apromising technique when compared to conventional machining which have inherit problems like extensive damage and dust.Till now the nature of the damage induced by AWJ process are not well investigated. In the present work, influence of AWJ milling parameters on the surface characteristics and size of damage (craters)are investigated for carbon/epoxy composite specimens using full factorial experimental design. The surface quality was characterized by 2D profilometry and 3D optical topography and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) observation. In addition, topologies are analyzed to obtain roughness parameters and crater volume which are correlated with machining parameters. SEM images reveal the presence of damages (in the form of craters, ridges, broken fibers and embedded abrasive particles in the matrix) where the size is strongly influenced by the machining parameters. It is seen that the crater volume increases by 55% when pressure varies from 80 MPa to 140MPa. ANOVA analysis show that the surface roughness and crater volume are highly influenced by the jet pressure and formation of ridges is influenced by scan step compared to other parameters.

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