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Resin infusion/liquid composite moulding (LCM) of advanced fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP)

Authors: S. Bickerton, Q. Govignon and P. Kelly
Year: 2013
Dans l'ouvrage : Advanced Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites for Structural Applications
Chapitre : 7
Pages : 155-186.
Edition : Woodhead Publishing.
ISBN : 978-085709418-6.
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The term liquid composite moulding (LCM) encompasses a family of processes in which a dry fibrous reinforcement is impregnated by a liquid resin inside a sealed cavity. As the understanding and control of these processes improve, their field of application widens. LCM processes can be used as a replacement to decrease the environmental impact and improve the quality of composite parts made via traditional open-mould processes. they can also provide a cost-cutting alternative to prepreg techniques while maintaining a high part quality. This chapter describes the variety of processes blanketed under the class liquid composite moulding and the research advances in the monitoring and simulation of these processes. the subsequent section presents the current usage of LCM techniques in the field of civil engineering, including some case studies, before outlining some future trends and offering sources for further information.

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