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Simulation of the reinforcement compaction and resin flow during the complete resin infusion process

Authors: Q. Govignon, S. Bickerton and P. Kelly
Year: 2010
Journal: Composites Part - A: Applied Science and Manufacturing.
Volume: 41, Number: 1, Pages: 45-57

DOI: 10.1016/j.compositesa.2009.07.007
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Resin infusion (a.k.a. VARTM) is one of the LCM processes, for which liquid resin is drawn into dry reinforcements. Significant cavity thickness changes occur during processing, due to the flexibility of the vacuum bag used as one side of the tool, and the complex stress balance within the laminate. While the magnitude of thickness change is often small, the influence is significant on reinforcement properties. Changes in permeability during filling and post-filling have the potential to significantly affect the process. To simulate this behaviour, it is important to accurately model compaction and unloading of reinforcement in dry and wet states. A series of tests were completed to determine compaction behaviour of an isotropic glass fibre mat. From these tests several non-linear elastic compaction models have been determined, and applied within a resin infusion simulation which addresses pre-filling, filling and post-filling. This simulation was then used to assess different post-filling strategies.

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