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Experimental analysis of impact and post-impact behaviour of inserts in Carbon sandwich structures

Authors: L. Mezeix, S. Dols, C. Bouvet, B. Castanié, J.-P. Giavarini and N. Hongkarnjanakul
Year: février 2017
Journal: Journal of Sandwich Structures and Materials.

DOI: 10.1177/1099636216687582
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In aeronautics, honeycomb sandwich structures are widely used for secondary structures such as landing gear doors, flaps or floors, and for primary structures in helicopters or business jets. These structures are generally joined by using local reinforcements of the insert type. In the present study, 50 J low velocity impact tests were performed on inserts using a drop-weight device and the impact response and failure patterns were analysed. Impacted specimens were then pull-through tested to failure. Some of the tests were stopped before final failure in order to obtain precise details on the failure scenario. It was shown that, in the cases studied, the residual strength after impact was very high (about 90%) in comparison to the large reductions habitually observed in compression after impact tests.

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