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Assessments on the mechanical behaviour of a monolithic composite structure instrumented with a monitoring patch

Authors: M. Torres, F. Collombet, B. Douchin, L. Crouzeix and Y.-H. Grunevald
Year: novembre 2017
Journal: Journal of Composite Materials.
Volume: 51, Number: 26, Pages: 3597-3610

DOI: 10.1177/0021998317692656

In this paper, the monitoring patch is evaluated as an alternative instrumentation technique for aircraft-type composite structures, by means of the Multi-Instrumented Technological Evaluator. In this case, the goal is to evaluate the strength and failure modes of a carbon-epoxy composite plate with two drop-offs instrumented with a monitoring patch. With the aid of finite element models, the testing of the plate under combined loads is analysed to have a first numerical approach of its behaviour. Then, the experimental campaign is accomplished by testing the plate with multi-instrumentation devices and techniques such as strain gauges and digital image correlation. A correct calculation/test correlation is achieved by comparing the strain values calculated by the finite element model and the experimental strain data acquired by gauges and digital image correlation. The results confronted provide a first evidence to quantify the influence of the monitoring patch on the mechanical performance of the composite plate. Therefore, it could be employed in the near future as instrumentation technique on large composite structures.

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