Publication :


Impact de plaques composites : caractérisation et modèles

Authors: C. Espinosa and F. Collombet
Year: décembre 1991
Journal: Journal De Physique, III.
Volume: 1, Pages: 1953-1968

DOI: 10.1051/jp3:1991242

We are concerned with the behavior of thin stratified carbon- or glass- epoxy composite plates. The present work is presented as a part of a more wide study carried out which purpose is the numerical simulation of damage evolution within such plates when subjected to a localized transverse low-velocity impact. To establish a correlation between the measured internal damage and the corresponding absorbed energy, from works presented in the literature, is the aim of this one. We first focuse our attention on the typical loading conditions of a direct transverse low-velocity impact. Indeed, we point out the respective role of the impactor/plate contact, indentation and flexion process of the plate on the localization, initiation and propagation of intralaminar cracking and interlaminar delamination. A phenomenological model of interactive evolution of these damages which takes into account the loading and energy absorption process is then proposed, and we identify the interaction between the experimental parameters and the up mentioned damages. We further expose a discussion about some contact law models, and our approach of the loading/structure interaction simulation in terms of the damage phenomenology model presented.

Bibtex citation :
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