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Numerical modeling of strain localization in engineering ductile materials combining cohesive models and X-FEM

Authors: J. Wolf, P. Longère, J.-M. Cadou and J.-P. Crété
Year: avril 2017
Journal: International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design.
Volume: In press,

DOI: 10.1007/s10999-017-9370-9
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The present work aims at numerically predicting the current residual strength of large engineering structures made of ductile metals against accidental failure. With this aim in view, the challenge consists in reproducing within a unified finite element (FE)-based methodology the successive steps of micro-voiding-induced damage, strain localization and crack propagation, if any. A key ingredient for a predictive ductile fracture model is the proper numerical treatment of the critical transition phase of damage-induced strain localization inside a narrow band. For this purpose, the strong discontinuity cohesive model and the eXtended Finite Element Method (X-FEM) are combined. A propagation algorithm is proposed and studied in the context of ductile materials. Physics-motivated criteria to pass from the phase of more or less diffuse damage to strain localization and from strain localization to crack propoagation are proposed. Finally, a 2D numerical example is shown to study the performance of the failure analysis model when implemented into an engineering finite element computation code, namely Abaqus.

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