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A new cutting depth model with rapid calibration in abrasive water jet machining of titanium alloy

Authors: V.H. Bui, P. Gilles, T. Sultan, G. Cohen and W. Rubio
Year: mai 2017
Journal: International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology.

DOI: 10.1007/s00170-017-0581-x

Titanium alloys are widely used in the aeronautical and engineering fields as they show an excellent trade-off between the mass and mechanical properties, but as hard materials, they are difficult to machine using cutting tools. The abrasive water jet affords a good solution to produce titanium parts, especially slim ones. To do so there is a need to adopt a modelling approach for the depth milled. However, a general methodology that takes into account all the parameters leads to complex models based on a large number of experiments. The present article proposes a depth of cut model combined with a rapid calibration method. The case addressed is that of open rectangular pockets on a TA6V titanium alloy. The approach introduces the machine configuration notion considering that a given machine, pressure level and abrasive impose the abrasive flow rate needed in order to obtain an optimal Material Removal Rate. For a chosen configuration, calibration of the model is performed from a series of elementary passes and just three pocket machining passes. The method is rapid and effective as the accuracy of the models obtained over a number of configurations was to within the order of 5%

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