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Fluid-structure interaction simulation of parachute dynamic behaviour

Authors: C. Espinosa, Y. De Lassat De Pressigny, P. Bordenave and L. Henke
Year: mai 2007
Proceedings de : 19th AIAA - Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Technology Conference and Seminar, 21-24 May 2007, Williamsburg (USA).

OATAO: 2391

The work presented concerns the numerical simulation on the dynamic behaviour of full size parachute models using a non linear explicit Fluid-Structure Interaction method. As a previous result of the partnership between ENSICA and CEV/TL, some partial solutions to model the parachute, the suspension lines, the surrounding air, and the coupling phenomenon were first determined. Validation criteria used for the presented results are the drag force, the kinematics and pressures in the fluid domain known from previous simulation work, and the inflated shape of a known cross parachute. These results, though inaccurate, were a major marker pole on the way to parachute opening simulation which requires many intermediary checks and developments. Some specific phenomena, like those related to the apparent mass increase during the parachute opening, will be correctly simulated when the basics of FSI are mastered well. The comparison between the obtained results and experimental measures allowed us in 2004 to propose the development of new features in the numerical methods of the hydrodynamic explicit code LS-DYNA, especially a new coupling method for air vs. porous fabric. The current achievement is also considered as a good basis for the coming simulations of opening and full descent.

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