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Dynamic simulation of parachutes with fluid-structure interactions

Authors: C. Espinosa, Y. De Lassat De Pressigny, P. Bordenave and L. Henke
Year: mai 2006
Conference : Journée du GDR CNRS n°2902 "Interaction Fluide/Structure". Invited lecture

In 2002, ENSICA and CEV initiated a cooperation to develop the dynamic simulation of parachutes using LS-DYNA's FSI features. Thanks to the initial expertise and works of ENSICA, CEV followed on further improvements concerning suspension lines modeling, progressive mesh coarsening allowing computation time optimization, and a proposal to LSTC for a porosity coupling algorithm. Full parachute are now computed in reasonable time scales and with a better model for the air. Future works are focused on the parachute folding and inflation, and moving fluid meshes allowing free-fall simulations. These new techniques shall allow mastering crucial elements such as the structural stress induced by the opening shock, the stability of airdrop systems or the coupling effect of parachute grapes.

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