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Homogenized elastic properties of graphene for small deformations

Authors: E. Marenic, A. Ibrahimbegovic and P.-A. Guidault
Year: 2013
Journal: Materials.
Volume: 6, Number: 9, Pages: 3764-3782

DOI: doi:10.3390/ma6093764
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In this paper, we provide the quantification of the linear and non-linear elastic mechanical properties of graphene based upon the judicious combination of molecular mechanics simulation results and homogenization methods. We clarify the influence on computed results by the main model features, such as specimen size, chirality of microstructure, the effect of chosen boundary conditions (imposed displacement versus force) and the corresponding plane stress transformation. The proposed approach is capable of explaining the scatter of the results for computed stresses, energy and stiffness and provides the bounds on graphene elastic properties, which are quite important in modeling and simulation of the virtual experiments on graphene-based devices.

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