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Homogenized elastic properties of graphene for moderate deformations

Authors: E. Marenic and A. Ibrahimbegovic
Year: 2015
Journal: Coupled Systems Mechanics.
Volume: 4, Number: 2, Pages: 137-155

DOI: 10.12989/csm.2015.4.2.137
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This paper presents a simple procedure to obtain a substitute, homogenized mechanical response of single layer graphene sheet. The procedure is based on the judicious combination of molecular mechanics simulation results and homogenization method. Moreover, a series of virtual experiments are performed on the representative graphene lattice. Following these results, the constitutive model development is based on the well-established continuum mechanics framework, that is, the non-linear membrane theory which includes the hyperelastic model in terms of principal stretches. A proof-of-concept and performance is shown on a simple model problem where the hyperelastic strain energy density function is chosen in polynomial form.

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