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New advances in the laboratory characterization of refractories: testing and modelling

Authors: J. Poirier, E. Blond, E. De Bilbao, R. Michel, A. Coulon, J. Gillibert, M. Boussuge, Y. Zhang, D. Ryckelynk, G. Dusserre, T. Cutard and P. Leplay
Year: 2017
Journal: Metallurgical Research and Technology.
Volume: 114, Number: 6,

DOI: 10.1051/metal/2017068
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This publication presents new advances in the field of refractories characterization. These laboratory methods that combine experiments and numerical analyses and concern both the thermomechanical and thermochemical behaviour are illustrated through different examples: identification of asymmetrical creep, determination of elastic and inelastic properties, measurements of macroscopic deformation, phase transformations or corrosion kinetics. These advanced techniques offer the refractory community new opportunities to improve the knowledge and the prediction of the phenomena of degradation of the refractories.

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