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Implementation of a robust methodology to obtain the probability of detection (POD) curves in NDT: integration of human and ergonomic factors

Authors: M. Reseco Bato, A. Hor, A. Rautureau and C. Bes
Year: 2017
Proceedings de : COFREND 2017.

The performance assessment of non-destructive testing (NDT) procedures in aeronautics is a key step in the preparation of the aircraft's certification document. Such a demonstration of performance is done through the establishment of Probability of Detection (POD) laws integrating all sources of uncertainty inherent in the implementation of the procedure. These uncertainties are due to human and environmental factors in In-Service maintenance tasks. To establish experimentally these POD curves, it is necessary to have data from a wide range of operator skills, defect types and locations, material types, test protocols, etc. Obtaining these data evidences high costs and significant delays for the aircraft manufacturer. The scope of this paper is to define a robust methodology of building POD from numerical modeling. The POD robustness is ensured by the integration of the uncertainties through statistical distributions issued from experimental data or engineering judgments. Applications are provided on titanium beta using high frequency eddy currents NDT technique. First, an experimental database will be created from two environments: laboratory and aircraft. A representative sample of operators, with different certification levels in NDT technique, will be employed. Multiple inspection scenarios will be carried out to analyze these human and environmental factors. This database is used, subsequently, to build statistical distributions. These distributions are the input data of the simulation models of the inspection. These simulations are implemented with the CIVA software. A POD module, based on the Monte Carlo method, is integrated into this software. This module will be applied to address human and ergonomic influences on POD. Finally, the POD model will be compared and validated with the experimental results developed.

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