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Multiscale analysis of complex aeronautical structures using robust non-intrusive coupling

Authors: S. Guinard, R. Bouclier, M. Toniolli and J.-C. Passieux
Year: juin 2018
Journal: Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences.
Volume: 5, Number: 1, Pages: 1-27

DOI: 10.1186/s40323-017-0094-z
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The multiscale analysis of large composite aeronautical structures involves the development of robust coupling strategies. Among the latter, non-intrusive coupling is attractive, since it is able to consistently connect a global simplified linear model to a local detailed one, using features available in commercial software. Up to now, such coupling methods were still limited to academic situations where global and local meshes are geometrically and/or topologically conforming and of low geometric complexity. To meet the goal of merging a complex non-planar global shell to a local detailed 3D model, an extension of these techniques is proposed to handle meshes of complex shapes that are not only non-matching but also geometrically and topologically non-conforming. The implemented strategy is original and robust: the innovative nature of the approach is to expand the initial local solid model by generating transitional shell meshing. The generated model incorporates two distinct coupling interfaces: (i) non-intrusive global–local coupling and (ii) shell–solid coupling. The multiscale strategy was successfully validated through different numerical experiments using standard Input/Output of a commercial finite element software. In particular, a representative use-case involving a realistic fuselage section of an aircraft was computed.

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