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A space-time PGD-DIC algorithm: Application to 3D mode shapes measurements

Authors: J.-C. Passieux, R. Bouclier and J.-N. Périé
Year: juillet 2018
Journal: Experimental Mechanics.
Pages: Online first

DOI: 10.1007/s11340-018-0387-2
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The aim of this study is to develop a new regularized Digital Image Correlation (DIC) method for time dependent measurements. The correlation problem is written as a minimization problem over the space-time domain in a general formulation including 2D-DIC and Stereo DIC (SDIC). The unknown time-resolved displacement field is found as a sum of products of space and time functions, similarly to the Proper Generalized Decomposition in computational mechanics. It is shown that the space fields are less sensitive to noise as time regularity acts as a physical regularization of the space fields. The proposed method is illustrated by vibration measurement under harmonic excitation in 2D-DIC and SDIC.

Bibtex citation :
Author={Passieux, J.-C. and Bouclier, R. and P\'eri\'e, J.-N.},
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