Derniers articles avec comité de lecture (ACL) du laboratoire :
AnnéeAuteurs et titre du document Liens
2021R. Guélou, Florent Eyma, Arthur Cantarel, Samuel Rivallant, Bruno Castanié. Crashworthiness of poplar wood veneer tubes. International Journal of Impact Engineering, Elsevier, 147, p.103738[HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2021Wafaa El Masnaoui, Alain Daidié, Frederic Lachaud, Christian Paleczny. Semi-analytical model development for preliminary study of 3D woven Composite/Metallic flange bolted assemblies. Composite Structures, Elsevier, 255, p.112906[HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2020Bruno Castanié, Victor Achard, Clément Chirol. Effect of milled notches on the strength of open hole, filled holes, single and double lap shear CFRP tension coupons. Composite Structures, Elsevier, 254, p.112872[HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2020Vincent Torrelli, Eric Paroissien. Simplified stress analysis of multilayered bonded structure under 1D-bar kinematics. Composite Structures, Elsevier, 251, p.112641-112657[HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2020Yuan Wu, Marianne Perrin, Marie-Laetitia Pastor, Pascal Casari, Xiaojing Gong. ON THE DETERMINATION OF ACOUSTIC EMISSION WAVE PROPAGATION VELOCITY IN COMPOSITE SANDWICH STRUCTURES. Composite Structures, Elsevier[HAL] / [BIB]
2020Placide Uwizeyimana, Marianne Perrin, Florent Eyma. Moisture monitoring in glulam timber structures with embedded resistive sensors: study of influence parameters. Wood Science and Technology, Springer Verlag, 54, p.1463 - 1478[HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2020Christophe Bouvet, Joël Serra, Pablo Garcia-Perez. Strain rate effect of mode II interlaminar fracture toughness on the impact response of a thermoplastic PEEK composite. Composites Part C: Open Access, Elsevier, 2[HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2020Thiago Birro, Eric Paroissien, Maëlenn Aufray, Frederic Lachaud. A methodology based on the coupled criterion for the assessment of adhesive-to-adherend interface crack initiation. International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives, Elsevier, 102, p.102664-102676[HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2020M. Awad, Daniel Attinger, Adrian Bejan, Ali Beskok, Gian Celata, Stéphane Colin, Vijay Dhir, Paolo Di Marco, Srinath Ekkad, Srinivas Garimella, Masahiro Kawaji, Michael King, Norbert Kockmann, Jon Kriegel, Sushanta Mitra, Saeed Moghaddam, Yuri Muzychka, Vinod Narayanan, Gherhardt Ribatski, S.A. Sherif, Masahiro Shoji, Peter Stephan, John Thome, Patricia Weisensee. Professor Satish G. Kandlikar on his 70th birthday. Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications, p.1-9[HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2020Benoit Vieille, Juan-Daniel Pujols Gonzalez, Christophe Bouvet, Thomas Breteau, Christophe Gautrelet. Influence of impact velocity on impact behaviour of hybrid woven-fibers reinforced PEEK thermoplastic laminates. Composites Part C: Open Access, Elsevier, 2[HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]

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