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Derniers articles avec comité de lecture (ACL) du laboratoire :
AnnéeAuteurs et titre du documentLiens
2018Thierry Sentenac, Florian Bugarin, Benoit Ducarouge, Michel Devy. Automated thermal 3 D reconstruction based on a robot equipped with uncalibrated infrared stereovision cameras. Advanced Engineering Informatics, Elsevier, 2018, 38, pp.203 - 215 [HAL] / [DOI]
2018Mahdi Masoumi Khalilabad, Yasser Zedan, Damien Texier, Mohammad Jahazi, Philippe Bocher. Effect of tool geometry and welding speed on mechanical properties of dissimilar AA2198–AA2024 FSWed joint. Journal of Manufacturing Processes, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 2018, 34 (Part A), pp.86 - 95 [HAL] / [DOI]
2018Sabine Le Roux, Mehdi Salem, Anis Hor. Improvement of the bridge curvature method to assess residual stresses in selective laser melting. Additive Manufacturing, 2018, 22, p.320-329 [HAL] / [DOI]
2018Joseph Morlier, Aniello Basile, Ankit Chiplunkar, Miguel Charlotte. An EGO-like Optimization Framework for Sensor Placement Optimization in Modal Analysis. Smart Materials and Structures, IOP Publishing, 2018, vol 27 (n° 7), pp 075004-075022 [HAL] / [DOI]
S Kazmi, Quentin Govignon, Simon Bickerton. Control of laminate quality for parts manufactured using the resin infusion process. Journal of Composite Materials, SAGE Publications, In press, [HAL] / [DOI]
Olivier De Almeida, Jean-François Ferrero, Laurent Escalé, Gérard Bernhart. Charpy test investigation of the influence of fabric weave and fibre nature on impact properties of PEEK-reinforced composites. Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials, SAGE Publications (UK and US), In press, [HAL] / [DOI]
2018Juan de Dios Rodriguez-Ramirez, Bruno Castanié, Christophe Bouvet. Experimental and numerical analysis of the shear nonlinear behaviour of Nomex honeycomb core: Application to insert sizing. Composite Structures, Elsevier, 2018, vol 193, pp 121-139 [HAL] / [DOI]
2018Robin Bouclier, Jean-Charles Passieux. A Nitsche-based non-intrusive coupling strategy for global/local isogeometric structural analysis. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Elsevier, 2018, [HAL] / [DOI]
2018Maxime Rollin, Luc Penazzi, Vincent Velay, Alain Dupuy, Sylvie Gallet. A new numerical strategy for SPF pressure profile computing based on statistical strain rate controlling. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, Elsevier, 2018, 141, p.479-490 [HAL] / [DOI]
2018E Paroissien, Frederic Lachaud, Joseph Morlier, S. Schwartz. A Direct Method for the Assessment of Cohesive Zone Models for Thin Adhesive Layers Loaded in Mode I, Mode II, and Mixed-Mode I/II. Reviews of Adhesion and Adhesives, 2018, [HAL] / [DOI]
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