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Derniers articles avec comité de lecture (ACL) du laboratoire :
AnnéeAuteurs et titre du documentLiens
2018Mehdi Salem, Sabine Le Roux, Gilles Dour, Pascal Lamesle, Karim Choquet, et al. Effect of aluminizing and oxidation on the thermal fatigue damage of hot work tool steels for high pressure die casting applications. International Journal of Fatigue, Elsevier, 2019, 119, p.126-138 [HAL] / [DOI]
2018Fenglin Liang, Martial Sauceau, Gilles Dusserre, Jean-Louis Dirion, Patricia Arlabosse. Modelling of the rheological behavior of mechanically dewatered sewage sludge in uniaxial cyclic compression. Water Research, IWA Publishing, 2018, 147, p.413-421 [HAL] / [DOI]
2018Sinh-Khoa Nguyen, Pierre-Louis Chiambaretto, Miguel Charlotte, Philippe Villedieu, Joseph Morlier, et al. Towards an analytical formulation for Fluid Structure tank vibration analysis: Modal equivalency using granular materials. Engineering Structures, Elsevier, 2018, 177, pp.345-356 [HAL] / [DOI]
2018N. Dubary, Christophe Bouvet, Samuel Rivallant, L. Ratsifandrihana. Damage tolerance of an impacted composite laminate. Composite Structures, Elsevier, 2018, 206, pp.261 - 271 [HAL] / [DOI]
2018Fadhel Chatti, Christophe Bouvet, Dominique Poquillon, Guilhem Michon. Numerical modelling of shear hysteresis of entangled cross-linked carbon fibres intended for core material. Computational Materials Science, Elsevier, 2018, 155, pp.350 - 363 [HAL] / [DOI]
2017Gian Luca Morini, Pamela Vocale, Marco Spiga, Stéphane Colin. Corrigendum to “Shear work contribution to convective heat transfer of dilute gases in slip flow regime”, [Eur. J Mech B Fluids 64 (2017) 60–68] European Journal of Mechanics - B/Fluids, Elsevier, 2018, 72, pp.467 - 470 [HAL] / [DOI]
2018Eric Paroissien, Lucas F.M. Da Silva, Frederic Lachaud. Simplified stress analysis of functionally graded single-lap joints subjected to combined thermal and mechanical loads. Composite Structures, Elsevier, 2018, 203, pp.85 - 100 [HAL] / [DOI]
2018Thierry Sentenac, Florian Bugarin, Benoit Ducarouge, Michel Devy. Automated thermal 3 D reconstruction based on a robot equipped with uncalibrated infrared stereovision cameras. Advanced Engineering Informatics, Elsevier, 2018, 38, pp.203 - 215 [HAL] / [DOI]
2018Simone Coniglio, Christian Gogu, Joseph Morlier. Weighted Average Continuity Approach and Moment Correction New strategies for non-consistent mesh projection in structural mechanics. Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering, Springer Verlag, 2018, [HAL] / [DOI]
2018Arnaud Wilhelm, Samuel Rivallant, Jean-François Ferrero, Joseph Morlier. Sandwich shield subjected to bird impact: Use of surrogate models for influencing parameter analysis and shield behaviour understanding. Journal of Sandwich Structures and Materials, SAGE Publications, 2018, [HAL] / [DOI]
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