Latest articles from peer review journals (ACL) from the laboratory :
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2020Fadhel Chatti, Christophe Bouvet, Guilhem Michon, Dominique Poquillon. Numerical analysis of shear stiffness of an entangled cross-linked fibrous material. International Journal of Solids and Structures, Elsevier, 184, p.221-232[HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2020Guillaume Colantonio, Morgane Chapelier, Robin Bouclier, Jean-Charles Passieux, Eduard Marenić. Non-invasive multilevel geometric regularization of mesh-based 3D shape measurement. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, Wiley, p.In Press[HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2020Malek Benaïssa, Catherine Mabru, Michel Chaussumier. Fatigue behavior of 2618-T851 aluminum alloy under uniaxial and multiaxial loadings. International Journal of Fatigue, Elsevier, 131(105322), p.1-9[HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2020Jiwon Lee, Mathieu Terner, Etienne Copin, Philippe Lours, Hyun-Uk Hong. A novel approach to the production of NiCrAlY bond coat onto IN625 superalloy by selective laser melting. Additive Manufacturing, Elsevier, 31, p.1-8/100998[HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2020Fatna Benmessaoud, Mohammed Cheikh, Vincent Velay, Vanessa Vidal, Hiroaki Matsumoto. Role of grain size and crystallographic texture on tensile behavior induced by sliding mechanism in Ti-6Al-4V alloy. Materials Science and Engineering: A, Elsevier, 774, p.1-13/138835[HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2020Xavier Sourd, Redouane Zitoune, Laurent Crouzeix, Mehdi Salem, M. Charlas. New model for the prediction of the machining depth during milling of 3D woven composite using abrasive waterjet process. Composite Structures, Elsevier, 234, p.1-12/111760[HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2020Mahmoud Harzallah, Thomas Pottier, Rémi Gilblas, Yann Landon, Michel Mousseigne, Johanna Senatore. Thermomechanical coupling investigation in Ti-6Al-4V orthogonal cutting: experimental and numerical confrontation. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, Elsevier, 169, p.1-17/105322[HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2020N. Vanderesse, Damien Texier, P. Bocher. Effect of porosities on brazed martensitic steel tensile properties: 2D and 3D pre-mortem vs post-mortem characterizations. Materials Characterization, Elsevier, 160, p.110084[HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2019T. Hirschler, Robin Bouclier, D. Dureisseix, A. Duval, T. Elguedj, Joseph Morlier. A dual domain decomposition algorithm for the analysis of non-conforming isogeometric Kirchhoff–Love shells. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Elsevier, 357, p.112578[HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2019M. Giselle Fernandez-Godino, Sylvain Dubreuil, Nathalie Bartoli, Christian Gogu, Sivaramakrishnan Balachandar, Raphael Haftka. Linear regression-based multifidelity surrogate for disturbance amplification in multiphase explosion. Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, Springer Verlag (Germany), p.1-16[HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]

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