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[ACL1]J.P. Susainathan, F. Eyma, E. De Luycker, A. Cantarel and B. Castanié. Manufacturing and quasi-static bending behavior of wood-based sandwich structures. Composite Structures. 182, 487-504. 2017 [DOI]
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[ACL12]M. Harzallah, T. Pottier, J. Senatore, M. Mousseigne, G. Germain and Y. Landon. Numerical and experimental investigations of Ti-6Al-4V chip generation and thermo-mechanical couplings in orthogonal cutting. International Journal Of Mechanical Sciences. 134(C)189-202. 2017 [DOI]
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[ACL29]J.-C. Maré and J. Fu. Review on signal-by-wire and power-by-wire actuation for more electric aircraft . Chinese Journal of Aeronautics. 30(3)857-870. 2017 [DOI]
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[ACL33]G. Tatsios, G. Lopez Quesada, M. Rojas-cárdenas, L. Baldas, S. Colin and D. Valougeorgis. Computational investigation and parametrization of the pumping effect in temperature driven flows through long tapered channels. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics. 21(5)99. 2017 [DOI]
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[ACL41]R. Bouclier, J.-C. Passieux and M. Salaün. Development of a new, more regular, mortar method for the coupling of NURBS subdomains within a NURBS patch: Application to a non-intrusive local enrichment of NURBS patches. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering. 316(1)123-150. 2017 [DOI] [HAL]
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