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Article de revue internationale avec comité de lecture

[ACL1]D. Qiu, T. Li, S. Seguy and M. Paredes. Efficient targeted energy transfer of bistable nonlinear energy sink: application to optimal design. Nonlinear Dynamics. , Accepté. 2018
[ACL2]S. Guinard, R. Bouclier, M. Toniolli and J.-C. Passieux. Multiscale analysis of complex aeronautical structures using robust non-intrusive coupling. Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences. 5(1)1-27. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL3]T. Li, C.-H. Lamarque, S. Seguy and A. Berlioz. Chaotic characteristic of a linear oscillator coupled with vibro-impact nonlinear energy sink. Nonlinear Dynamics. , Accepté. 2018
[ACL4]O. Shtehin, S. Seguy, V. Wagner, Y. Landon, G. Dessein and M. Mousseigne. Low-frequency chatter genesis during inclined surface copy-milling with ball-end mill: experimental study. Machining Science and Technology. , Accepté. 2018
[ACL5]M. Duval, A. Losinski, J.-C. Passieux and M. Salaün. Residual error based adaptive mesh refinement with the non-intrusive patch algorithm. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering. 329, 118-143. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL6]P. Longère. Adiabatic shear banding assisted dynamic failure: Some modeling issues. Mechanics of Materials. 116, 49-66. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL7]F. Soulas, C. Espinosa, F. Lachaud, S. Guinard, B. Lepetit, I. Revel and Y. Duval. A method to replace lightning strike tests by ball impacts in the design process of lightweight composite aircraft panels. International Journal of Impact Engineering. 111, 165-176. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL8]D. Qiu, S. Seguy and M. Paredes. Tuned nonlinear energy sink with conical spring: design theory and sensitivity analysis. Journal of Mechanical Design - Transactions of the ASME. 140(1)011404-10. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL9]P. Longère. Respective/combined roles of thermal softening and dynamic recrystallization in adiabatic shear banding initiation. Mechanics of Materials. 117, 81-90. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL10]F. Blas, F. Ansart, P. Lours, J.-P. Bonino, S. Duluard, V. Vidal, L. Pin, G. Pujol and L. Bonin. Processing thermal barrier coatings via sol-gel route: Crack network control and durability. Surface and Coatings Technology. (334)71-77. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL11]E. Silva, C.J. Deschamps, M. Rojas-cárdenas, C. Barrot, L. Baldas and S. Colin. A time-dependent method for the measurement of mass flow rate of gases in microchannels. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. 120, 422-434. 2018 [DOI]

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