Surface, Machining, Materials and Tools Group

SUMO is French an abbreviation of the ICA Group “Surface, Usinage (Machining), Matériaux (Materials) and Outillages (Tools)”.

The group researches deal with :

  • Machining & Mechanical Forming or Casting process
    3-Axial and 5 Axial machining, Fabrication strategy, Forging, High temperature Rolling die-casing, SPF, Advanced Forming (Single point, Strato-conception), RT and High temperature Stamping and Sheet Metal Forming.
  • Tools and Tooling and Micro tooling Machining and materials forming at room and in particular high temperature


The scientific goals of group deal with:

  • Representative Element of: Surfaces, Sub-Surfaces, Interfaces
  • Virgin and Themomechanical treated and engineered surfaces coated, TBC, laser cladding nitrided
  • Monolithic Materials, Multi-Materials, FGM, multi-components,multilayer, Composites, Polymer/Metallic, Ceramics, refractory, Assembled materials
  • Loading and Damage under Fatigue, Wear, Friction, Tribology, “Fretting fatigue”, “Crash test”
  • Modelling & Numerical simulations of process and thermo-mechanicalbehaviour and damage, constitutive laws, life and residual life estimations, damage tolerance, fracture mechanics, spalling, uni-axial and multi-axial cracking (heat checking).


The group is organised in 3 Scientifics axes and different trans-axial or groups scientific and technical poles such as Titanium, Fatigue, etc…


Responsable : Luc Penazzi